Did you know that TBDSSAB is service system manager for the Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative (CHPI) in our district?

The purpose of the Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative (CHPI) is to support the province’s goal to end chronic homelessness by 2025, and to establish creative and innovative approaches to homelessness that align with The District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board Housing and Homelessness Plan. To make the biggest impact, funds are allocated to organizations as well as individuals.

Some of the CHPI funding directly supports individuals and families through our housing programs, including the rent geared to income and rent supplement program. We also work with community organizations to support initiatives that aim to address homelessness in our district.

Under CHPI, TBDSSAB is the service system manager for the local emergency shelter system. To access emergency shelter, an individual must present at one of the emergency shelters or be referred by a community organization. Once an individual is in a shelter, they can connect with a TBDSSAB worker to help them get back on their feet and obtain housing. Where the emergency shelters in Thunder Bay are at capacity, and where need arises in other District communities, processes are in place to refer individuals to overflow shelter spaces. Information about the overflow process is available on our COVID-19 response page, here: www.tbdssab.ca/covid-19-response

Through CHPI, we are able to offer funding opportunities like the CHPI Emergency Pandemic Fund and the CHPI Food Security Fund (side note: organizations only have until Jan 31 to get applications in for the Food Security Fund!).

Visit our Homelessness Prevention page for more information about what we fund under CHPI, and to determine your organization’s eligibility for our current calls for funding: www.tbdssab.ca/homelessness-prevention