Board of Directors

The TBDSSAB Board of Directors consists of fourteen Members who are elected officials.  Board members are chosen by their own municipal councils to serve on the Board to represent areas defined in the District Social Services Administration Board Act, Reg 278/98 as amended by O. Reg 109.17.   

Board members are required to abide by a Code of Conduct to ensure transparency, integrity and fairness in all decision-making.

Our current Board Members are:

Albert Aiello – City of Thunder Bay
Kim Brown – Territory Without Municipal Organization
Jody Davis – Township of Terrace Bay
Andrew Foulds – City of Thunder Bay
James Foulds – Township of Nipigon
Brian Hamilton – City of Thunder Bay
Kevin Holland – Township of Conmee – Vice Chair
Rebecca Johnson – City of Thunder Bay
Lucy Kloosterhuis – Municipality of Oliver Paipoonge – Chair
Ray Lake – Town of Marathon
Elaine Mannisto – Municipality of Greenstone
Aldo Ruberto – City of Thunder Bay
Wendy Wright – Township of Gillies

Committees & Advisory Tables

2022 Audit Committee

Albert Aiello
George (Jody) Davis
James Foulds
Kevin Holland
Ray Lake

2022 Child Care & Early Years Advisory Table


2022 Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative Advisory Table

Kevin Holland
Aldo Ruberto
Lucy Kloosterhuis (ex-officio)
Rebecca Schiff
Carol Audet
Donna Kroocmo
Bonnie Krysowaty
Joanne Boucher
Gary Ferguson