Q:  How do I apply for Ontario Works assistance?

A:  Click here for application process.

Q:  What do I need to bring to my application appointment?

A:  Click here for list of information required to support your application.  The information is required to determine eligibility for social assistance.

Q:  What do I do if I can’t make my appointment?

A:  Contact your local Ontario Works Delivery Site immediately to advise and reschedule.

Q:  How do I appeal a decision?

A: Click here for information on how to request an internal review of a decision or appeal an internal review decision.

Q:  Am I covered for medication?

A:  All eligible benefit units receive a Drug Benefit Card each month which covers most medication.  If your prescription is not covered under the Drug Benefit Card, please contact your caseworker for an application to the Trillium Drug Program or request your Doctor to complete a form to submit to the Ministry of Health for the drug to be covered.

Q:  Is my family covered for dental services?

A:  Adults are eligible for emergency dental services.  Dental services for dependent children are covered by the District Health Unit.  If the service required is not covered, contact your local Ontario Works Delivery Site for assistance.  If you require emergency dental services during Ontario Works office hours, contact your local Ontario Works office for further information.

Q:  What programs and services are available to Ontario Works recipients?