Media Release: TBDSSAB Approves 2023 Budget

March 1, 2023 –The District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board (TBDSSAB) 2023 operating and capital budgets were approved by the Board of Directors at its February 16, 2023 meeting.

The 2023 operating budget totals $111,446,300 and represents an increase of $12,343,700, or 12.5%, from the 2022 approved Budget of $99,102,600. In addition, $4,499,000 in Capital expenditures have been included in 2023 for to manage the long-term investment of its direct owned properties.

Much of the operating budget (65%) is for external transfer payments for individuals, families, and funded agencies. External funding is provided for social services consistent with TBDSSAB’s legislated service requirements through Ontario Works, Child Care and EarlyON programs, Community Housing, and the Homelessness Prevention Program (HPP). The remainder will go toward program administration, personnel services, operation of direct-owned properties, and repayment of long-term debts such as mortgages for direct-owned housing properties.

A portion of the operating budget will be financed from a Municipal and Territories Without Municipal Organization (TWOMO) Levy of $24,330,500, which is an increase of 5.5% relative to 2022. In accordance with the District Social Services Administration Boards Act, this levy apportionment is calculated using weighted assessment.



“TBDSSAB had different program requirements to consider in the budget process this year as compared to 2022, including the implementation of the Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care program (CWELCC) and the flexibility offered through the recently consolidated Homelessness Prevention Programs. The Board is quite happy with the budget presented for 2023 and appreciate Administration’s flexibility throughout the process.”
– Meghan Chomut, Vice Chair, TBDSSAB

“The development of the first budget after an election year can be challenging, but the attentiveness of the incoming Board to the current issues and the recommendations of the previous Board made it a smooth process. We look forward to continuing to support our communities in 2023 and meeting our strategic objectives with the Board’s support.”
– Bill Bradica, Chief Administrative Officer, TBDSSAB


What We Fund Summary

Download: TBDSSAB 2023 What We Fund Summary (PDF, 239 kb)