Employment Assistance & Support

Employment assistance is available to assist Ontario Works recipients in securing employment and becoming self-sufficient. Programs include:

  • Community Placement Program – Community placements are unpaid community services (volunteering) that provide participants with experience and improved skills.
  • Enhanced Employment Placement Program – Assists job-ready participants into paid employment.

For further information on any of these programs, please contact your local Ontario Works delivery agent.


Employment workshops are free and are open to all Ontario Works participants.

Employment Readiness Scale (ERS) Assessments can be completed anytime at www.employmentreadiness.org 

To register for workshops contact your Caseworker – 766-2111 (ext 4700) or contact Workshop Coaches:  Jessica – 766-4630 / Amber – 766-4087.

FREE Lunch for Workshop Participants

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Other supports are offered through The District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board (TBDSSAB) to help individuals successfully gain employment including:

  • Transportation – funds may be provided if you have participation requirements or if you are voluntarily involved in employment programs.
  • Childcare – If you are participating in Ontario Works programs, you are eligible to receive childcare.
  • Clothing Needs  –  If you need clothing for school or a job, contact your caseworker.
  • Request for Employment Assistance Funds  – When you are successful in finding work while participating in the Ontario Works Program and need specific items in order to begin your employment (a uniform, work boots, etc.) funds can be requested using the Request for Employment Assistance Funds form.
    File: Request for Employment Assistance Funds Form, PDF
  • Special Diets – You may be eligible for a special allowance if you are pregnant or breast feeding, diabetic, or require another type of special diet.  The form must be completed by a health practitioner.  You may also be eligible for a special diet allowance if you have a medical condition with special dietary needs.  You can request this form from your caseworker.
  • Direct Bank Deposit – Your money will be deposited into your bank account on the 1st of each month.  Complete the direct bank deposit form/card available from your caseworker.
  • Pay-Direct to Landlord  – You can have your rent paid directly to your landlord.  You need to complete the authorization form.
    File:  Authorization for Pay Direct to Landlord Form, PDF

Ask your Ontario Works case worker how to benefit from these additional support services.


Below are a few useful resources and templates to help you on your employment journey.